Mr. McQuagge, a Winner of the Coveted One Planet Awards

There is nothing more honorable and pleasing for a person to be named the CEO of the year. Mr. McQuagge had the opportunity to be among the few CEOs named at the prestigious One Planet Awards. He received the award as a recognition for his stewardship role as the chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group, Inc. This honor was placed upon him as a credit for having turned the company around towards success and steered it to even greater profits. The award he received is a global premier awards program that usually honors excellent professional performance in the business industry.

The rebuilding of USHEALTH by Mr. McQuagge immediately begun when he first joined the company in 2010 and first on his agenda was the retooling its primary distribution agency, the USHEALTH Advisors. It was his success at rebuilding the distribution organization that led to Mr. McQuagge election as the company’s President and its CEO in 2014. Being at the helm of the company enabled him to accesses full control of USHEALTH Group, Inc. and through this steered the company to unprecedented success in growth and profits.

The company itself is an insurance holding company that thrives through the provision of innovative health coverage for those people that are self-employed and individuals with small businesses. USHEALTH prides itself on providing a superior and quality customer service experience to its clients through the combination of the remarkable talents of its employees and agents and his Twitter.

After receiving the award Mr. McQuagge went on to dedicate it to his other employees at USHEALTH Group, Inc. saying that it was a testament of his company’s dedication to make healthcare affordable. He also said that it was an opportunity to keep improving his company’s agenda of always being able to provide innovative coverage that grows as the healthcare of its customers grows. The One Planet Awards is global and any company or organization all over the world is allowed to submit their nominations in both the private and the public sectors. Companies for profit or non-profit, big or small and not forgetting the new start-up companies are all allowed participation and what Troy knows.

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Ms. Julie Zuckerberg – A Woman With A Great Vision

Ms. Julie Zuckerberg is a recruiter who hails from New York. She works at Deutsche Bank. Ms. Julie has got new methodologies and exercises to alter her schedule. She is very passionate and is an inspiration for others to follow others to have a great life. She motivates others to achieve their objectives of fitness.

Ms. Zuckerberg likes meals that are rich in nutrients from the online recipes. To be a recruiter is not a simple aspect nowadays. Ms. Zuckerberg is a contemporary recruiter of the modern times, and she is aware how to handle Millennials.

Ms. Zuckerberg has got a great work and education history. She has been to the City University of New York- Brooklyn College. She is a great philosopher also and has done philosophical learning and has some psychological control.

She knows how to interact with the people in the new staff. She is aware of the expertise and what the bank employees wish. Ms. Zuckerberg has a notion that doing a promotion and making some innovative initiatives from within develops lots of confidence and admiration for the company.

Ms. Julie Zuckerberg pays lots of attention to the various social media sites. She discovers prospective new employees from people that do a similar kind of a task in the banking arena. The trained people generate results quicker when it is about enhanced efficiency and achievement.

Ms. Zuckerberg wants to get the personnel into the hiring process. Employees assist in recognizing the candidates quickly. They can provide statistics and information about the potential employees before the beginning of the interview procedure.

It makes be an error to utilize employee information at the time of the hiring process. Ms. Zuckerberg wishes to have an honest dialogue with the personnel whenever there is an availability of a position. The recruiters such as Ms. Zuckerberg utilize many different master plans in the business world of today to procure new talent.

Ms. Julie Zuckerberg operative in many excellent companies. She has a close association with the recruiters, executive search companies from all over the nation. Ms. Julie Zuckerberg has got a benefit when she is the pursuit of some external talent.

Deutsche Bank has got a great status as an excellent employer, and that enables people to stay for a longer time. Ms. Zuckerberg can have interaction with the new people to keep them contented and highly inspired. Ms. Zuckerberg is a lover of awesome food and spending ample time in the open environment.

Ms. Zuckerberg is a great runner and a photographer. She is an all-rounder and a great person. She has got a magnificent work and education history. She did not become an expert recruiter in just one day. It is quite a challenge to keep the Millennials in an entry level position. She keeps in constant touch with her employees to make them satisfied and contented. You may try to get in contact with Ms. Zuckerberg to get into the suitable company.


Why a Rich Foamy Lather is Not a Good Thing

Sodium laureth sulfate is the chemical added into soaps and shampoos that form the big white, soapy suds as the product is lathered into the hair, Although a rich lather may seem like a good thing, sodium laureth sulfate strips your hair of natural oils and causes the hair to become dry and brittle. It can also cause the scalp to become dry and flaky. Many people who suffer from dandruff have bad reactions to SLS.

Many stylists and salon professionals warn against sulfate shampoo.It also acts as a skin irritant and causes eye iriitation. Once it rinses down the drain it causes pollution and is toxic to the environment,It is also found in garage door cleaners and is used as a heavy duty degreaser. You will notice that higher-quality hair care products do not contain this harsh chemical.

Recently there has been a rise of new “no-poo shampoos“, also known as cleansing conditioners that do not contain harsh sulfates . Cleansing conditiners efficiently cleanse the hair as a shampoo would, while providing the needed moisture you would get with a conditioner.WEN by Chaz does not contain sodium laureth sulfate in its signature cleaning conditioners.They are infused with natural plant oils that nourish and restore the hair. They act as a 5-in-1 product that takes place of a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and hair mask. It can be used on a daily basis and will not dry out the hair. WEN is a favorite amongst millions of women.


Renown Health Seeks to Outspread Their Family Practice Facility to South Reno

Renown Health is a credible healthcare provider. The facility specializes in an extensive range of services. Recently, they announced their intention to open a family practice unit in South Reno at The Summit Mall. Their aim is to concentrate on care services that boast of a fully unified state-of-the-art laboratory. As well, they intend to focus on the comfort of their patients. Dr. McCormack, the medical director, explained that they intended to design the facility having a level of comfort matching that of their living rooms. To ensure maximal relevance, they would also have a conference room where the patients can convene with their medics on health issues. Although the clinic currently has 11 staff members, the Renown Health admins are working towards adding to the number.

Details Relating to the Facility’s Architectural Design

Eric Fong of MBA Architects + Interior Design had the mandate to design the structure. There was also a Carson-based commercial general contractor who was in charge of the entire project. Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC was the successful contractor who qualified to work with Renown Health. Every service provider hired was from Reno, which made things quite easy concerning coordination. The MSA Engineering Consultants took charge of electrical engineering as well as plumbing. Precisely, the beauty beheld by the medical amenity is attributable to the local contractors.

General Principles Under Which Renown Health Operates

The healthcare amenity plays a critical role in enhancing good health through training of the physicians. They are a non-profit making network that reinvests the staff’ remunerations. The money might be used in developing programs, attending to people, or even enhancing the tools for treatment. Running the clinic that way allows an alleyway to the community members who might have an interest in serving in various capacities. There being no shareholders to satisfy, it becomes easy to account for all the money in circulation. Expanding their horizons means even better to the entire Reno community.

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JeanMarie Guenot Involvement In The Pharmaceutical And Biotechnology industry

When an individual decide to learn about the biggest personalities in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, he /she will come across one name which is Jeanmarie Guenot. She is one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in the industry. She has been able to make a name for herself as one of the most successful women in the world with her expertise lying in the pharmaceutical field. She has always been intrigued by the pharmaceutical products, and she decided to pursue it as a profession. She knew if she was to become successful she had to take one step at a time. She had to start from somewhere and rise to the top gradually. She also believed everything good takes time and this is why she took her time in gaining the needed experience background on Crunchbase. She had more than fifteen years of expertise in the industry learning new things as time goes on. She was also well informed of how important education was, and this is why she earned her MBA through joining the University of Pennsylvania to before heading to the University of California for her Ph.D.

While gaining the experience she needed, she worked for both public and private sectors under different roles at When it comes to company management and operation, she is well qualified for that post. Apart from helping in the management and exploitation phase in a company, JeanMarie has always shown interest in the building and rebuilding of pharmaceutical firms. Guenot career can be divided into two namely; scientific and business career. Jeanmarie Guenot started her business career with Atlas Ventures where she was responsible for managing the ventures capital investments. While at Atlas she was able to create life science companies something she takes pride in till now.

JeanMarie Guenot started her scientific career at Hoffmann-La Roche where she served as a scientist in the preclinical R&D. While at Hoffman, she was able to assist in the development of drugs responsible for oncology, metabolic diseases, autoimmune diseases and inflammation. Currently the Chief Executive Officer and President of Amphivena Therapeutics Inc, a firm aiming at developing immunotherapies to help in treating cancer, Guenot has gradually proven to be an asset to the company and the industry written on LinkedIn. With what she knows and learned over the years, she hopes she will help Amphivena Therapeutics continue saving lives.

Cassio Audi Makes Excellent Investment Decisions

The world of investing has always been an arena where many people have done well concerning making decisions that have allowed them to earn great returns on the money they invest. While many people have done very well in the area of investing, there are numerous things that people need to know before they can become good at making investment decisions. One of the things that people must understand related to investing is that making investments is not a hands off activity.

People must follow their investments and determine the best approach to take regarding the investments. Especially when the investments involve the stock markets. The markets move up and down frequently for a variety of reasons. People investing in the markets must understand the various things that can affect the markets and how market performance is impacted by these things.

There are many people who do not understand the various aspects of investing and do not have the time to follow the stock markets or investments in general. For these people, one of the most popular ways that they handle their investment activities is by hiring an investment manager to oversee all of their investment activities. In Brazil, there are many investment managers and investment professionals who can help people with investments.

One of the most respected investment managers in Brazil is Cassio Audi. Many media outlets and people in the financial area in Brazil seek out Cassio Audi to answer questions related to the Brazilian stock market and other financial operations. Cassio Audi has developed a loyal following of people who listen to the thoughts and opinions expressed by him.

While Cassio Audi is an outstanding investment professional, he has many other talents. Cassio Audi is a talented music professional. He was a leading member of a popular music group that produced several hits a few decades ago.

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Big Cities and Natural Beauty for Wedding Shoots:

George Street Photo and Video Address had offices in 40 cities across the U.S. Some of these are big cities, but that doesn’t mean couples cannot have wedding or engagement photographs with nature in the background.

In San Francisco, Lake Merced Park offers a picturesque large lake surrounded by rows of trees. Another possibility is Pine Lake Park with its tall trees and various wetland plants. Lucky couples might even have migratory birds in the background of their wedding or engagement photos. Another place of spectacular natural beauty in San Francisco is Glen Canyon Park, with more tall trees, as well as rock formations.

In Pittsburgh, couples can have photos taken at Riverview Park with its dense woods and the Mairdale Watershed. Another place for nature loving couples is the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens with its decorative vegetation and Victorian style greenhouse.


Anthony Petrello has Given of His Own Paycheck to Dan and Jan Duncan’s Institute

Dan and Jan Duncan helped start a neurological research institute at the Texas Children’s Hospital several years ago and they’ve had several local business magnates contribute to it. One is Anthony Petrello, the Chairman and CEO of Nabors Industries. Neurological disease hits particularly close to home for Petrello because he and his wife Cynthia have a young girl named Carena who had periventricular leukomalacia when she was born. The Petrellos tried to find treatments for her and even consulted some of the nation’s top neurologists but were told they had no treatments available. But they were happy to meet the Duncans and as they saw the work being done in the institute they pledged $7 million to fund research, a sizeable portion of Anthony Petrello’s paycheck.

Not a lot has been told about Anthony Petrello’s background, but one person who knew him that now writes for The Daily Beast has told a little about his background in mathematics. According to Lloyd Grove, Petrello was always solving the toughest math problems in high school and studied the field when he went to Yale University. He completed a bachelor’s and master’s degree in advanced mathematics, but much to everyone’s surprise he never became a professor and learn more about Anthony.

After completing his J.D. at Harvard, Petrello became an associate attorney Baker & McKenzie where he became partner in 7 years. His expertise includes tax law, corporate regulations and international business. He left the firm in 1991 when he was given an offer to join the executive board at Nabors Industries, and he became Chairman and CEO of Nabors in 2011.

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How the Kabbalah Center is Helping to Spread Unity

The Kabbalah Center is a non-profit started in the US that offers courses on the Zohar and Kabbalah teachings. The center offers both online courses and classes at the various centers. The center has been recognized for its multi-cultural and diverse staff. The first center was started as the National Research Institute of Kabbalah in 1965. It was started by Philip Berg and Yehuda Brandwein who had experience as the dean of a Kabbalah center in Israel. Berg and his wife later established the current Kabbalah centers. They set up the first one in New York City.

They opened an extra center in Los Angeles in 1984 to serve the people who resided there. There are around fifty Kabbalah centers around the world in locations such as London, Brazil and Canada. It is the leading center in the world on Kabbalah teachings as a result of the experience that they have gained after many years of teaching. Karen is the wife of the late Philip Berg. She serves as one of the spiritual leaders and directors of the non-profit.

Their teachings are structured in such a way that one does not need to have prior knowledge of Hebrew or Jewish teachings. This has opened up the philosophy to anyone who is interested in learning Kabbalah. The teachings are a supplement to religion and not an alternative. Any person from any religion can go through the courses that they offer. The center has written and published books with Kabbalistic commentary to portions of the Torah over the years. Some of the principles that Kabbalah focuses on include sharing, spiritual laws, controlling the ego and unity and read full article.

The Kabbalah Center has had many people as students including celebrities. They include Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Arianna Grande and Alex Rodriguez. Kabbalah has helped many people to find their purpose in life and to give their life meaning. Madonna has been a vocal supporter of the teachings and has a personal rabbi who helps her to study. The center has a volunteering program through which students can sign up to take part in projects that help the community and learn more about Kabbalah.

Cloud Databases Done Right With NuoDB

Database administrators can now enjoy more power managing an ever-changing cloud database environment with NuoDB. NuoDB is a database management system that uses Elastic SQL Database that allows administrators to expand the database and increase performance speeds as easily as adding new servers. This is a welcome change to the standard of replacing hardware to increase the sizes of the databases. This process makes scalability quick and easy.

NuoDB accomplished this by using a tiered approach to data storage. Data is separated in to atoms across a three-tier system. The tiered design means less downtime and faster speeds for users. Data can be written and read from multiple zones simultaneously. This increases the uptime of the databases because if one zone goes down, the data can be read from the other available zones.

NuoDB is designed to grow as new changes come on the horizon. This is good news if you are developing a new cloud environment. If you are transitioning a standard in-house database to the cloud, NuoDB is compatible with older technologies, so you will not need to rebuild from scratch to migrate to the cloud. Increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs all while creating a durable, flexible and powerful cloud database with NuoDB.