There are No Limits the Philantropic Efforts of Entrepreneur Bob Reina

Successful CEOs are typically concerned more with their marketing budget than changing the lives of their employees. Making dreams come true for others. is the focal point of Bob Reina’s day. Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, and he is one of those unique executives that are focused on helping those around him to be a better person.


Bob Reina’s motto is “With great success comes greater responsibility,” and he leads by example. Reina uses this motto to guide the company daily as well as to instill successful principles into his 140 team members located in Tampa, FL.


Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007 with only one product, his fantastic Video Email. In 2004, he needed to send a 10-second video and there was no venue, so using high-tech video communication, Talk Fusion was established. The service went global as the spectacular, high-quality email video the world needed.


With Bob’s advice and guidance, there is plenty of motivation to create video communication services to exceed in the communication industry. The team is inspired by Bob Reina, and Talk Fusion quickly grew to include Video Email, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, Sign-up Forms, and Video Chat in an all-in-one program for their customers. Talk Fusion continues to update the services with the highest quality technology.


But, Talk Fusion has not only become one of the top video communication companies in the past decade, but Reina has been able to help many people and animals as a commitment to his responsibility. His goal is to reach more individuals who need help. Last.year, Reina donated one million dollars to the Tampa Humane Society for a local shelter.


As an extraordinary entrepreneur and philanthropist, Bob gives back and is devoted to finding new ways to help people reach their goals both inside Talk Fusion and in the ever increasing community outside without walls.


How To Take Care Of Your Hair Properly

To properly take care of your luxurious locks is simple or so it may appear to be. Yes, the tried and true methods of washing and moisturizing is still needed, but it’s the consistency in which the product begins to fell. Like the old saying goes, “too much of a good thing can be bad for you,” rings true in most cases. Hair is very delicate and fine as it needs the softest of cleansing possible. I’m talking about gentle cleaning here, but most products are too aggressive in their actions. Most people seem to shampoo religiously while giving little thought to what type of shampoos is needed for that individual’s hair type. Using the shampoo or conditioner can leave your frayed, fried, dull, greasy, or cause breakage.

If you’re in need of some natural healing, just look around. There are a few really good brands that lack the chemical process and one of the best in the business is WEN hair by Chaz. This product line is out pacing the competition in sales and results. Thanks to it’s organic nature, ( products provide your hair with nutritional ingredients like chamomile extract, glycerin, panthenol, aloe vera, wild cherry bark, rosemary extract, lavender, sweet almond oil, cucumber, and pomegranate extract. Synthetic vs Organic? There is no competition…

Founder and Developer Chaz Dean has been in the cosmetic industry for many years and has styled some of the famous celebrities. His love for the craft and expertise gave inspiration to himself as he decided to come out with an all-natural line of haircare products. Today WEN by Chaz is one of the sought after and popular lines to date that offers hair cream, gel, serum, wash, conditioners, and shampoo styled products. You can’t go wrong here as this innovative line is changing the game as we no it. Updates? Follow Chaz on Twitter.

More details about WEN hair care can be found on Wikipedia.


How Thor Halvorssen is Creating Open Societies

The Foundation For Humanity

Thor Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation in 2004. Already a prominent activist, Halvorssen wanted to enhance his work and create an organization that would enable him to to bring human rights to countries across the world. Currently, the Human Rights Foundation is involved in struggles across the world. He fights government censorship in China and the persecution of LGBT people in Uganda. Much of this is accomplished through his documentaries and other forms of media exposure for causes he supports.

The Benefits Of An Open Society

The ultimate goal of Thor Halvorssen is to foster the creation and growth of open societies. In an open society, individuals are able to move up and down social classes and live their lives to the fullest potential possible. However, in the closed societies that Halvorssen is focused on this mobility is not possible. Someone who is born poor remains poor while those in power remain in power regardless of their actions. At the center of just about every closed society is an authoritarian government and corruption. A native of Venezuela, Thor Halvorssen has experienced this for himself too many times.

Taking Things Personally

The fight that Halvorssen is taking on is indeed a personal pursuit. His family has experienced actual losses due to their decision to oppose the current regime controlling Venezuela including everything from intimidation to death. His cousin, an activist in a similar vein to Halvorssen, is currently serving time in prison for speaking out against the Venezuelan government. In 2004, the same year he founded the Human Rights Foundation, Halvorssen lost his mother to gun violence at the hands of regime supporters. Fighting against authoritarianism isn’t just a matter of empathy for him. He is literally trying to save his own family. This activism goes back a long way in his family tree. Halvorssen is related to freedom fighters such as Simon Bolivar and Cristal Mendoza, the first president of Venezuela. Whenever there is a need to stand up for the rights of the people, they have stood up.

Amazon Struggles After Fabletics Starts Monthly Subscriptions

What do you get when you combine Bill Hudson with Goldie Hawn? It’s simple, you get Kate Hudson. A beautiful and talented young lady who works hard to establish her own being in Hollywood. She grew up in the limelight because of who her parents are and for this reason, she knew that she would always be someone. She strived to work hard to become something and made a name for herself. Everything that she has touched has become something, Fabletics would be no different.


One day while she was doing yoga, Kate knew that others around her were feeling the same feeling she was having. She didn’t like the feel of the yoga pants she was wearing. She looked around and seen others were experiencing the same agony. The pants were too tight and constricting themselves. She knew she had to do something to make yoga easier on herself and others. That is when she came up with the idea of Fabletics.


When you first hear of the company Fabletics, what is it that makes you want to try them out? Are you interested in them because they have a celebrity advertising for them or are you interested because you like the idea of having a membership that will send you clothing each month. If either of these are true, you will like the Fabletics membership plan. You will signup for a one time fee of $25 which is going to give you your first outfit. From that moment forward, you will pay a monthly membership plan that will have you receiving new clothes in the mail each and every month that your membership is paid.


If you like what you are receiving, you will then be able to purchase additional items for a lower cost or you can simply decline any further shipments and end your membership. It is simple to join and simple to quit. When Kate Hudson decided that she wanted to do this, she knew that she had to do something that people would love and this was the idea she had. Who knew that this same idea would end up to be something special and earn her company more than $250 million dollars in only 3 years time. Her idea was brilliant and more people thought this and because of that, she has been all over the internet and television selling her membership plans. Many people have left Amazon to be a part of this brilliant membership plan. For Amazon, they are still the reigning competitors however with more than 20 percent of people shopping on their site for their athletic wear or active wear.

The Importance of the Wessex Journals

The Wessex Institute of Technology is located in Wessex, England. The founder of the institute is Professor Carlos Brebbia in 1986. He actually started organizing information from conferences well before this date, and even in 1978 he held a conference at the University of Southampton on Boundary Elements.

The goal of the Institute is to create and share information within the academic and professional world. This information is found in the form of journals that are welcomed and used worldwide in both settings. Several well-known universities use these journals to teach and the students are expected to find information in them for papers. Many scientific papers cite Wessex Institute of Technology journals as a source of information.

The journals are the responsibility of the WIT Press. They also produce books and the digital formatting of information. The journals cover a wide range of topics from environmental impacts and transportation to architecture. The international journals include the International Journal of Design and Nature with Ecodynamics, the International Journal of Sustainable Planning and Development, the International Journal of Safety and Security, and the International Journal of Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements. The research that is used in the creation of these journals always sticks to the scientific method.

George Soros Reengage In The Political Process

George Soros is a billionaire investor, author, and philanthropist best known for his many international philanthropic projects. George Soros is also interested in politics and is a large donor to the Democratic party. In 2004 he reportedly spent $27 million to defeat George W. Bush. After the 2004 election, he scaled back his political giving dramatically.

Before our recent national elections, George Soros had decided it is time to reengage in the political process. While he backed President Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential primaries, he soon became disillusioned with the president, thinking the president was not aggressive enough in pursuing liberal priorities. Some thought Soros might back a Democratic challenger in 2012, but in the end, he did support President Obama’s reelection. Even though he was backing Barack Obama, he told a Hillary Clinton backer that he regretted not supporting her in the first place.

Sources close to George Soros say because of his disdain for Donald Trump and his long felt faith in Hillary Clinton he was now more politically motivated than he had been in years. Federal Election Commission records show that George Soros donated or committed over $25 million to liberal causes, other Democratic candidates, and Hillary Clinton.

Although George Soros had never attended a Democratic convention, because of his 25-year relationship and faith in Hillary Clinton, he decided to be there when Hillary Clinton accepted her parties nomination for President of the United States. George Soros who only recently returned to active trading decided to cancel his trip to the convention so he could more closely monitor the European economic situation.

Read more: George Soros’ quiet overhaul of the U.S. justice system

Even before Donald Trump won his parties nomination for President, Soros was concerned about the hostility of the GOP toward many of the projects he has fought for and supported. He is particularly concerned about immigration reform, religious tolerance, and an overhaul of the criminal justice system. His willingness to financially support Hillary Clinton generated enthusiasm in liberal circles. Having the support of George Soros encouraged other wealthy donors to donate large sums to her presidential campaign. While other wealthy liberal elites have contributed millions to liberal causes, few names have the impact of George Soros.

The efforts of George Soros and like-minded benefactors helped Clinton’s campaign build an enormous financial advantage over committees backing Donald Trump, viewed with suspicion by many members of his party. Soros contributed to a variety of Democratic Party committees, PACs, and individual campaigns. Priorities USA Action, American Bridge 21st Century and Immigrant Voters Win are among the super PACs he supported through generous financial donations.

While Soros funding might have slowed for a time, he has been a consistent supporter of liberal causes. Soros believed the political stakes in this election were exceptionally high; George Soros was fully engaged in the effort to defeat Donald Trump.

Since the election of Donald Trump, there have been several attacks on immigrants and minorities living in our country. Being a Holocaust survivor has made George Soros very aware of the consequences of such behavior, and he has recently pledged $10 million to combat the rise in hate crimes.

Read more from George Soros over at Bloomberg
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Ignition Financial Assists with Budget-Saving Auto Refinancing

The day arrives when buying a car cannot be put off. The old model simply is not up for the daily commute to work anymore. Sometimes, with the right planning and enough time, procuring a reasonable interest rate on a car loan is possible. Other times, a vehicle may break down for one last time leaving the owner with very little time to purchase a new one. Accepting a loan with a very high interest rate might be unavoidable when time is pressed.


And then there are those troubled borrowers who have bad credit. No amount of pre-planning will lead them to acquiring a low interest rate. The credit report is a bit too negative to support a low financing deal. While a buyer who is in need of a car might not be worried about interest rates at first, he/she may soon be saying “I need to slash my payments now!” when the full cost of a high-interest loan is revealed.


Not every buyer even noticed the disastrous impact of a costly loan. Whether the costs are noticed or not, the impact will positively resonate. Others may notice all the problems with the loan, but do nothing about it. They may accept high interest rates as unavoidable.


Good news exists. Working with a top service such as Ignition Financial can aid in making those costly loans go away. Refinancing the old loans for new ones with better terms is just a better fiscal strategy to follow.


Paying excessive interest rates on an auto loan is something that should be addressed without any delays. Anyone whose budget is already stretched is not going to benefit from losing several hundred dollars a year on loan costs. The effect of high interest rates on a budget end up becoming “accepted” by those who take out the loans. The reason they are accepted is because the borrower just gets used to the costs, which is not a good thing.


The money could go towards other more pressing responsibilities such as fixing things in the home. Putting responsibilities off may help sooth budget issues, but the troubles are not going to just go away.


Ripple effects derive from paying too much on an auto loan. Taking steps to refinance the loan is strongly recommended to anyone who hopes to overcome the numerous fiscal problems a bad auto loan presents. Mercifully, refinancing options exist.

Defining Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a renowned international investment banking firm. It is committed to excellence, integrity, leadership, and service in providing corporate financial advisory services to privately and publicly held businesses. The company knows the time sensitivity in corporate finance and can respond tenaciously and quickly to opportunities. The approach of the company forms corporate finance transactions whereby investors and business owners benefit mutually. It has the experience, relationships, and knowledge to match sellers and buyers and also to match the correct capitalization and financing structure to every unique customer situation.


The method that Madison Street Capital applies reflects considerable experience and expertise in all fields of corporate finance including due diligence and marketing pricing, acquisitions and mergers, deal structuring, valuation, specialized financings, and the implementation and design of other exit strategies.


The company has been able to assist customers in many different industries to reach their goal in time over the many years that it has been in service. Madison Street Capital is the leading provider of financial advisory services. It has understanding and experience in the sections of corporate governance and corporate finance. The firm is also a leading provider of valuations and M&A. The company has adopted a global view that equally emphasizes on local networks and business relationships.


Madison Street Capital is dedicated to creating healthy businesses among communities all over the United States. The firm work hard to make a difference within global and local communities through a commitment to the requirements of its clients and charitable support to organizations such as the United Way. The United Way is based in Alexandria. It utilizes the national network, a robust public engagement capacity, and committed partners to mobilize and improve communities. The organization launched a 10-year program to offer help to many communities for them to gain financial stability, improve education, and direct working families on the way to economic independence by the year 2018.


The team of professionals at Madison Street Capital has outstanding skills, experience, and extensive relationships. The professionals know that all situations require very careful analysis and precise recommendations. This has enabled the banking firm to become one of the world’s premier middle market investment banking firms. The professionals can arrange the correct capitalization and financing structure to suit every customer’s situation. The headquarters of the company is in Chicago, Illinois. It has offices in Asia, North America, and Africa. Madison Street Capital is the place to go for those who want to sell a business, for business owners who are looking for acquisitions, and those who want to build a sound exit strategy or general issues of corporate finance. The Firm has a reputation for excellence and execution in the industry of investment banking.

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Shampoo no more!

Shampoo is something that has been rooted into modern society’s hair care routine. It’s considered a fundamental thing to our daily lives. Truth be told, a lot of the time it contains harsh ingredients such as sulfates that do more damage than good to our hair. Conditioners are meant to make up for the damage that shampoo causes. It doesn’t have to be that way, though! We don’t need shampoo to get our hair clean.

WEN by Chaz Dean has a unique system that cleanses and conditions your hair without putting all the strain on it. Here’s how their simple Cleansing Conditioner works:

⦁ Get your hair wet, apply your Cleansing Conditioner. The thicker and longer your hair is, the more you’re going to want to apply.

⦁ Rub it in! Make sure to thoroughly get it to cover your scalp and hair. While it won’t lather up like sulfate filled products, water helps to spread it completely. For best results leave it in until the end of your shower.

⦁ When you’re ready to remove it, rinse your hair making sure all of it is out.

Simple, right? This product can also double as a leave-in conditioner. So why not apply some more in your damp hair? Get these products exclusively at Sephora or Guthy-Renker online.


Talk Fusion: Award winning innovative Video Chat Marketing Solution

The Technology Marketing Corporation has awarded Talk Fusion’s innovative Video Chat product the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the year award. This award honors extraordinary products and services that promote data, voice and video communications that have been introduced to the market or have significantly improved in the last year. This award features excellent products available today.


Talk Fusion is cutting edge global technology that blends video chat with email, newsletters, on-line chats, and blogs. It is an affordable, efficient method to personally connect with your customers, friends and family. Talk Fusion offers a wide variety of products that will help your business outshine the competition, increase your profits and virtually guarantee repeat customers. These powerful solutions create an environment that embraces interesting, meaningful and compelling marketing through video.


Talk Fusion’s all-in-one Video Marketing Solution offers the unique opportunity for you to let your creativity flow or select one of their professionally designed templates to promote your business. The all-in-one Video Marketing Solution includes Video email, newsletters, and live meetings (that you can organize in just minutes). The live meetings feature allows you to live stream, upload power point presentations and live chat; with anyone, anywhere, at any time. The live video chat feature is compatible with any device (smartphone, PC or tablet), and currently, the live app is available on iTunes and Google Play. Sign up Forms assists you in building your email list automatically. Simply create or choose a template for the Signup form, and video auto responders take care of the follow-up, so you don’t have to. Track the results of the Signup form by watching real time reporting.


Talk Fusion products are marketed individually through independent associates in over 140 countries. A 30-day free trial is offered for the all-in-one Video Marketing Solution, allowing access to the full versions of all the Talk Fusion products. It is an excellent way to “try before you buy.”


In 2007 Talk Fusion was established by Founder and CEO Bob Reina. Mr. Reina is passionate about giving back to the global community; supporting numerous charitable organizations worldwide.